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This sections will offer movies, demos or updates of example programs for download.

“Hatching, Stroke Styles & Pointillism”
by Kevin Buchin and Maike Walther
Kevin Buchin send me a link to an updated version of the example program for the article

“Stereoscopic rendering in hardware using shaders”
by Thomas Rued

Thomas Rued's source code example didn't make it onto the CD-ROM. Here it is.

“The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes”
by Hun Yen Kwoon
On some hardware, the camera does not behave as expected in the example programs. This problem could be solved by simply by adding the following code in the inherited CD3DApplication class constructor within the main .cpp source file:

ZeroMemory( &m_matOrientation, sizeof( D3DXMATRIX ) );

"Advanced Water Effects"
by Kurt Pelzer
Kurt updated his example program. Here is the update.

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