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Wessam Bahnassi
Wessam Bahnassi, lead programmer of In|Framez Realtime Media Development team (where he is engineering DirectSkeleton 3D Engine). He studies architecture; and (in many times) uses application development techniques in designing his architectural buildings, and vice-versa. Wessam is also a Microsoft DirectX MVP.

Andre Chen
Andre is a self-taught game programmer who holds master degree in mathematics of the National Central University, Taiwan. He is currently a software engineer in Gamania (, the most famous game company in Taiwan.

Muhammad Haggag
Muhammad is a hobbyist, self-taught graphics programmer, interested in the applications of graphics in the fields of scientific visualization and games. Currently, he is an electrical engineering student at the faculty of engineering, Ain Shams university, Egypt.

Kenneth L. Hurley
Kenneth started his career in the games industry in 1985 with a company called Dynamix. He also has worked for Activision, Electronic Arts, Intel and is now currently in Developer Relations at NVIDIA Corporation. His current job includes Research and Development and instructing developers on how to use new technology from NVIDIA. His credits in the game industry include, Sword of Kadash (Atari ST), Rampage (PC, Amiga, Apple II), Copy II ST, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat Simulator (PC), The Immortal (PC), Wing Commander III (Playstation). While at NVIDIA he has contributed the following packages/demos: NVASM (Geforce3 vertex/pixel shader assembler), NVTune (NVIDIA'S Performance analysis tool set), DX7 Refract demo, Minnaert Lighting Demo, Particle Physics Demo and the Brushed Metal effect.

Eran Kampf
Eran is a self-taught game programmer. He is currently finishing his CS degree and working as a software engineer for a large government entity in Israel

Brian Peltonen
Brian is currently programming at Altered Vista, where he is developing a 3D skiing game designed for children with severe motor disabilities. He has been experimenting with code since his early days on TI-99/4As, Apple II's and Amigas.

Mark Wang
Mark received his bachelor's and master's degree in CS from Stanford University in 1999 and 2000, with a focus on graphics and systems. After working for a business software firm for two years, he very wisely decided to return to his main passions: games and graphics. He's now a freelance programmer pursuing a career in the game industry, currently focusing on
rendering techniques, physically-based simulation and modelling. You can view his home page at

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Javier Izquierdo

Javier started in 1997 in a computer company in Spain to design advertising and publicity material for this company. In 1999 he created websites and logos to Hotelnet Internet Services and is actually working as the Director of the Design department of Future Works Studios, a Game Developer Company in the US. Additionally he is developing software and 3D animations for VMRM Systems.

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