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ShaderX2 - Shader Introduction & Tutorial

“Introduction to the DirectX® 9 High Level Shading Language”
by Jason L. Mitchell and Craig Peeper

"Introduction to the vs_3_0 and ps_3_0 Shader Models”
by Nicolas Thibieroz, Kristof Beets and Aaron Burton

“Advanced lighting and shading with Direct3D 9”
by Michal Valient

“Introduction to Different Fog Effects”
by Markus Nübel

“Shadow Mapping with Direct3D 9”
by Michal Valient

“The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes” (features as IOTD on ; older version on
By Hun Yen Kwoon

“Shader Development using RenderMonkeyTM”
by Natalya Tatarchuk

“Tips for creating shader-friendly 3D models”
by Gim Guan Chua


ShaderX2 - Shader Tips & Tricks


Section 1 – Geometry Manipulation Tricks

“Vertex Decompression using Vertex Shaders Part 2”
by Dean Calver

“Using lookup tables in vertex shaders”
by Carsten Wenzel

“Terrain Geomorphing in the Vertex Shader” (Complete article)
by Daniel Wagner

“3D Planets on the GPU“ (featured as IOTD on
by Jesse Laeuchli

“Cloth Animation with Pixel and Vertex Shader 3.0”
by Kristof Beets

“Collision Shaders”
by Takashi Imagire

“Displacement Mapping”
by Tom Forsyth


Section 2 – Rendering Techniques

“Rendering Objects as Thick Volumes”
by Greg James

“Screen-aligned Particles with Minimal VertexBuffer Locking”
by O'dell Hicks

“Hemisphere Lighting With Radiosity Maps”
by Shawn Hargreaves

“Galaxy Textures” (featured as IOTD on
by Jesse Laeuchli

“Turbulent Sun” (featured as IOTD on
by Jesse Laeuchli

“Fragment level Phong illumination” (Complete article)
by Emil Persson

“Specular Bump mapping on pre-ps_1_4 Hardware”
by Matthew Halpin

“Rendering Voxel Objects with ps_3_0”
by Aaron Burton

“Simulating Blending Operations on Floating Point Render Targets”
by Francesco Carucci

“Rendering Volumes in a Vertex & Pixel Program by Ray Tracing”
by Eli Z. Gottlieb

“Normal Map Compression”
by Jakub Klarowicz

“Drops of Water - and Texture Sprites” (featured as IOTD on
by Sylvain Lefebvre

“Advanced Water Effects”
by Kurt Pelzer

“Efficient Evaluation of Irradiance Environment Maps”
by Peter-Pike Sloan

“Practical Precomputed Radiance Transfer”
by Peter-Pike Sloan

“Advanced Sky Dome Rendering”
by Marco Spoerl and Kurt Pelzer

“Deferred Shading with Multiple Render Targets”
by Nicolas Thibieroz

“Meshuggah’s Effects explained”
by Carsten Wenzel

“Layered Car Paint Shader”
by Chris Oat, Natalya Tatarchuk, John Isidoro

“Motion Blur Using Geometry and Shading Distortion”
by Natalya Tatarchuk, Chris Brennan, John Isidoro, Alex Vlachos

“Simulation of Iridescence and Translucency on Thin Surfaces”
by Natalya Tatarchuk and Chris Brennan

“Floating point cube maps”
by Arkadiusz Waliszewski

“Stereoscopic rendering in hardware using shaders”
by Thomas Rued

“Hatching, Stroke Styles & Pointillism”
by Kevin Buchin and Maike Walther

“Layered Fog” (featured as IOTD on
by Guillaume WERLE

“Linear Algebra on the GPU” (Complete article; also featured at GPGPU)
by Adam Moravansky


Section 3 – Software Shaders and Shader Programming Tips

“Software Vertex Shader Processing”
by Dean Macri

“x86 Shaders – ps_2_0 Shaders in Software” (featured as COTD on
by Nicolas Capens

“SoftD3D – A software only implementation of Microsoft’s Direct3D API”
by Oliver Weichhold

“Named Constants in Shader Development”
by Jeffrey Kiel


Section 4 – Image Space

“Advanced Image Processing with DirectX® 9 Pixel Shaders”
by Jason L. Mitchell, Marwan Y. Ansari and Evan Hart

“Night Vision – Frame Buffer Post-Processing with ps_1_1 Hardware”
by Guillaume Werle

“Non-Photorealistic Postprocessing Filters in MotoGP 2”
by Shawn Hargreaves

“Image Effects with DirectX® 9 Pixel Shaders”
by Marwan Y. Ansari

“Using pixel shaders to implement a mosaic effect using character glyphs”
by Roger Descheneaux and Maurice Ribble

“Mandelbrot set rendering” (Complete article)
by Emil Persson

“Real-Time Depth of Field Simulation”
by Guennadi Riguer, Natalya Tatarchuk and John Isidoro


Section 5 – Shadows

“Soft Shadows”
by Flavien Brebion

“Robust ObjectID Shadows”
by Sim Dietrich

“Reverse extruded shadow volumes” (featured as IOTD on
by Renaldas Zioma


Section 6 – 3D Engine and Tools Design

“Post-Process Fun with Effects Buffers”
by Tom Forsyth

“Shader Abstraction”
by Tom Forsyth

“Shaders under Control (Codecreatures Engine)”
by Oliver Hoeller

“Shader Integration in the Gamebryo Graphics Engine”
by Scott Sherman, Dan Amerson, Shaun Kime, and Tim Preston

“Vertex Shader Compiler”
by David Pangerl

“Shader Disassembler”
by Jean-Sebastian Luce

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